Henan DOMILL Abrasive Technology Co., Ltd (“DOMILL Abrasive”for short) was established in June 1993, with subsidiaries of "Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd" and "Yichuan Longquan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd", is one of the TOP10 fused alumina manufacturers in China. From furnacing, sizing, calcining and surface treating, DOMILL produces abrasive grains and powders for abrasive tools manufacturing, blasting media, refractories, industrial ceramics, lapping & polishing, fillers and additives, etc., and the products are widely used in various fields of manufacturing industry.

  • 30+

    30+ years of experience

  • 1000+

    1000+ types of products

  • 50,000+

    50,000+ tons of abrasive grains and powders


After 30 years of development, DOMILL abrasive is mainly used in abrasive tools manufacturing, blasting media, refractory, anti-wear, filler and polishing. These abrasive tools and media are used in almost all fields of manufacturing, including aerospace, transportation, energy, construction, automotive and so on. DOMILL Abrasive has own understanding of the application of abrasive, can meet the needs of customers, to give the most ideal choice.

  • Organic Abrasives

  • Vitrified Abrasives

  • Coated Abrasives

  • Non-woven Abrasives

  • Lapping & Buffing

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