Blasting Media

Blasting media can be defined as any abrasive that cleans, removes, finishes, or prepares a surface. The media is propelled with the use of compressed air or via centrifugal force by a bladed wheel. The media impacts the surface to be finished to erode any unwanted materials, to prepare a surface for a coating to be applied, or to provide a desired surface finish.

For DOMILL Abrasive, we only supply nonmetallic minerals for blasting media, compared to metallic abrasive, such as cut-wires, steel scrap, sands, or glass beads, qualified nonmetallic minerals represents a sustainable product that can be recycled numerous times, not breaking down quickly and turning to dust. It is high-performance and aggressive, maintaining an angular shape even after repeated use.  

As one of the professional manufacturers of abrasive grain, DOMILL offers brown fused alumina, white fused alumina,pink fused alumina, black silicon carbide oxide, 25% zirconia alumina for blasting media, to all kinds of our customers’ requirement.

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