Henan DOMILL Abrasive Technology Co., Ltd

Henan DOMILL Abrasive Technology Co., Ltd (“DOMILL Abrasive”for short) was established in June 1993, with subsidiaries of “Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd” and “Yichuan Longquan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd”, is one of the TOP10 fused alumina manufacturers in China. From furnacing, sizing, calcining and surface treating, DOMILL produces abrasive grains and powders for abrasive tools manufacturing, blasting media, refractories, industrial ceramics, lapping & polishing, fillers and additives, etc., and the products are widely used in various fields of manufacturing industry.

DOMILL Abrasive conducts management strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality system, makes long-lasting relationships with our customers, constantly supplies large quantities of abrasive materials while customizing particle size standards for customers and creating unique product value. In China, DOMILL Abrasive is the “famous products of China abrasive Industry”, “Director of Raw material Committee of China Coated Abrasives Association” and “High temperature calcined Brown Fused Alumina Standard-setters for Coated Abrasives”.

Fusion Factory

Yichuan Longquan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd. is the fusion subsidiary of DOMILL, focusing on the R&D and furnacing the ALUMINA BASED MINERALS. We carefully select and analysis raw materials, do homogenization treatment before furnacing. The whole process is under strictly quality controlled, so that 30,000 tons of high grade crude can be perfectly processed further.



High Grade Crude

Processing Factory

Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd. is the processing subsidiary of DOMILL, focusing on crushing, grading, calcining, surface treating, packaging and storage. From the crude to the delivery of 50,000 tons abrasive grains and powders, each particle size will be inspected at least 5 times to ensure that the products fulfill the needs of customers.

Barmac Workshop

Calcination Workshop

P Grits Workshop

Marketing Center

Luoyang Marketing Center is the sales office of DOMILL, focusing on the marketing and sales, as well as the distribution of other minerals or auxiliary materials required by customers. If the customers require, we can even use the expertise and industry resources to help them find the ideal abrasive tools, such as cut-offs, grinding wheels, sandpaper, flap disc, specialty abrasives, etc.

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