Ceramic Grains

Ceramic Grains (Ceramic Alumina Abrasive)are kinds of sintered abrasive uniformly produced by a controlled chemical sol-gel (also be called"Seeded Sol Gel")process to provide optimal strength and consistent properties. They are made in a way which creates thousands of fracture points throughout, ensuring consistent breakdown and life.The characteristic crystalline structure of ceramic grains provides numerous cutting points within each grain. Contact pressure will fracture weakened cutting points and expose fresh grain surfaces, effectively “self-sharpening” during use. 

Ceramic Grains Concent
  • Ceramic Grains can be used in bonded abrasives and coated abrasives. It has a wide range of applications, not only in casting and grinding under high pressure, but also in fine grinding of various materials, including gear grinding, bearing grinding, crankshaft grinding, roll grindings and so on.
  • Now several commercial brands have gone into the abrasive market, such as: XTL, HTB, Cubitron, CA, BCA, SG-S, TG etc. DOMILL Abrasive is DOBLADE.


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