Ceramic grain Doblade

Ceramic Grain: DOBLADE

Ceramic grain, generally called “SG” is a newly developed alumina abrasive. Different from fused alumina, it is made from the chemical and sintering process. DOBLADE is the ceramic grain having sharp edge, high fragility and self-sharpening qualities. This significantly decreases grinding heat and bring excellent grinding efficiency to abrasive tools.

Product Description

Ceramic corundum grain is a micro-crystal alumina abrasive produced by sol-gel technology, which has the characteristics of high hardness and good toughness. DOBLADE is the DOMILL based on its own long-term research on abrasive, entrust ceramic corundum factory special custom ceramic grains, using special crushing and screening process, has the nano sharp blade, abrasive from the sharp ability is strong, mix with the DOMILL abrasive, can achieve the ideal application effect, the mark code is "DB".



DB abrasive grain is white translucent shape, which is the start up for using ceramic corundum abrasive products, extremely cost-effective, suitable for manufacturing cut-offs, depressed grinding wheels, sanding belts, flap wheels and discs, used to improve the performance, the user does not need to have additional greater pressure condition, can continue to keep cutting ability, especially suitable for the general market competition advantage, suitable for stainless steel, tool steel, weld, cast iron grinding, etc.



F20-F220, P20-P220.


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