Pink Fused Alumina

Pink fused alumina is an aluminum oxide that during the furnace process had chromium oxide added. According to the chromium content, the color of chrome fused alumina shows pink or ruby. The incorporation of the Cr2O3 into the Al2O3 crystal structure slightly increases the toughness of the grain while reducing the friability in comparison to white fused alumina. In comparison to brown fused alumina, pink fused alumina is harder, more aggressive, and has sharper cutting ability.

  • The typical application of pink fused alumina is making vitrified abrasives, used for grinding and sharpening applications, especially for hardened steels and alloys. These are also used in tools grinding, saw and knife-sharpening, precision grinding, profile grinding, flute grinding, and mounted points.
  • The other applications of pink fused alumina include sand blasting, surface finishing, it can be used on non-ferrous metals, aluminum, zinc, brass, bronze, copper, wood, synthetics, and paints.

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