Vitrified Abrasives

The typical vitrified abrasives are vitrified grinding wheels, mounted points, abrasive sticks and segments. Vitrified grinding wheels are working very efficiently giving excellent surface quality.

They are perfect choice when material is sensitive to heat and high machining accuracy is required. Profile stability and grinding times are also advantages of vitrified grinding wheels. 

The diameter of vitrified grinding wheels can be form 12mm to 750 mm, these are commonly used for precision grinding in steel industries, bearing Industries, fabrication units, non ferrous industries, tool room wheels, etc.

There are many types of vitrified grinding wheels for cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, double discs, tool grinding, etc. These grinding wheels can be manufactured by pink fused alumina PA18, white fused alumina WA18, brown fused alumina A58, sol-gel abrasive SGS and silicon carbide, for the different object.

As one of the professional manufacturers of abrasive grain, DOMILL offers a wide range of products in various particle shapes, particle sizes and density for manufacturing vitrified abrasives to meet all of your requirements.

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