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An interview with DOMILL Abrasive

April 21 , 2023

“We haven’t done the things that need to be done, for more than 20 years, China abrasive grains have little innovative results, many companies were at risk. If such situation continues, the influence on all the industry is deadly.”

Twenty years ago, Henan DOMILL Abrasive Technolgy Co., Ltd. was a small company with 20,000 Yuan assets; twenty years later, DOMILL Abrasive owns over one hundred acres land. What is the secret of the amazing transformation of the company? It is with curiosity that iAbrasive reporters had an interview with Mr. Shi Tieshuan, the president of DOMILL Abrasive. when it comes to the topic that most companies regard energy-saving and emission reduction as a pressure, Mr. Shi says, it is not a pressure, but it is our honor and responsibility.”

Energy Saving & Emission Reduction

Mr. Shi introduces the new technology and new methods in energy-saving and emission reduction to us. “What does low carbon means for companies?” it means achieving biggest economic and social benefits with lowest resource allocation. Faced with the aggressive low carbon storm, Mr. Shi is positive and optimistic: with the strengthening of Chinese economy and improving of company competitive force, adjust industry structure and achieve low carbon environment protection are imperative. If china keeps extensive economic mode of high energy-consuming and high waste, there would be no way out. Therefore, Chinese government macro policy is correct. “Each energy-saving measures our company adopt can not only save resources but also decrease production cost, which is beneficial to an enterprise and society. It is a win-win method that is our long-term choice.” Mr. Shi says definitely.

Recognize Developing Trend & Find a Way

How can a company succeed? To this question, Mr. Shi says: “First, we should recognize society developing trend; second, find a way that is suitable for our company.” Mr. Shi began his career at eighteen. When he chose type of work, he chose instrument stuff with low wage. Many people laughed at him. But he stuck to his choice and worked hard. In two years, he was chosen as the monitor and his wage increased. His working partners looked at him with new eyes.

In 1995, metering section chief-Mr. Shi chose to leave Yichuan Chemical Fertilizer Plant. His behavior caused misunderstand in colleagues. But he had his own plans. In fact, Mr. Shi had some doubt about the system and developing modes of China state-owned enterprises. When China advocated market economy, Mr. Shi thought that perhaps he could do something. He resigned with 20,000 Yuan to do business and set up Henan DOMILL Abrasive factory. Depending on the natural resource in Yichuan as well as his keen insight, Mr. Shi led his factory to enlarge scale, improve capacity. DOMILL Abrasive has now become a important company that takes the lead.

During the interview, we felt that Henan DOMILL Abrasive achievement owes to Mr. Shi’s wise decision and his social responsibility. Early in 2000, when Henan DOMILL Abrasive was a county rich in resources, with abrasives smelting industry developing, competition became fierce. Mr. Shi put forward his suggestion: set up a Brown Fused Alumina Association. Under his suggestion, Henan Brown Fused Alumina Association was established. The association played its part in abrasives industry sustainable development and standardization. Henan DOMILL Abrasive has become a well-known abrasives manufacturing base in China.

High-end Product & Stable Quality

When paying a visit to Henan DOMILL Abrasive workshop, iAbrasive reporters saw that the finished products had been tagged the buyers’ name waiting for delivery. Mr. Shi said, “our company has adopted order production with clients, now our major brand is abrasive grains for high-end coated abrasives, which are specially designed for high-end coated abrasives manufacturers in China and abroad. At present, powerful coated abrasives manufacturers in China include Jiangsu Sanling Abrasive Co., Ltd., Changzhou Kingcattle Abrasive Co., Ltd., Hubei Yuli Abrasive Belts Group Co., Ltd. have signed long-term supply contract with us. Because our products are in good quality and inexpensive, supply always exceeds demand.

At present,  abrasive grains homogenization phenomenon, excess production capacity problem, Henan DOMILL Abrasive’s products have been keeping best selling. Mr. Shi says, the root is that Henan DOMILL Abrasive has chosen a high-quality road, which avoids low-end cutthroat competition.

Build Chinese Abrasive Brand

Talking about the current abrasive grains production situation in China, Mr. Shi says, “we haven’t done the things that need to be done, for more than 30 years, China abrasive grains have little innovative results, many companies were at risk. If such situation continues, the influence on all the industry is deadly.”

Mr. Shi says, “Increase R&D input, develop advanced production technology is an important task. For present Henan DOMILL Abrasive, self-build abrasives research center is not realistic. But we have chosen cooperation with relevant universities and colleges . The next step will be invest in laboratory to develop China-owned SG abrasive grains and break foreign monopoly. If we succeed, we will call it ‘China Abrasive Grains'”, Mr. Shi says.

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