Physical Measurements

Particle Sizing

DOMILL measures particle sizing for macrogrits and refractory splits vis Rotap screens. For fines, powders, and microgrits, we have several pieces of equipment such as Coulter Multisizer to measure the particle size distribution.

Particle Density

Our particle density measuring device is used to measure the particle density of ordinary abrasives and super hard abrasives. The device has stable performance and can be used to measure multiple samples simultaneously.

Particle Shape

DOMILL use the Dynamic image particle analyzer to see the particle shape (pointed, angular, blocky, cubic). It is suitable for F24-F220 or P24-P220.


Our magnetic analyzer is used to measure the content of microsensitive magnetic substances in granular materials and powder.

The measurement result of magnetic analyzer is the sum of the magnetization effect of various components in the sample under test. Detection value control range ≤0.0200.

Compressive Strength

Our single particle compressive strength tester is used to measure the compressive strength of natural diamond or superhard materials and ordinary abrasives.


Our ball grinding toughness testing device is to use the ball grinding method to break the abrasive sample, according to the abrasive particle crushing degree to reflect the strength and crushing resistance of the abrasive sample.

Bulk Density

Our laboratory technician do the density testing on materials in order to determine the weight per unit volume of the material, grain or powder. Bulk density measures the mass of the material divided by the volume that the particles occupy and it is measured in g/cm3.

Specific Gravity

Specific gravity measures the ratio of the weight of any volume of a substance to the weight of an equal volume of another substance taken as a standard at a constant temperature. Our technicians measure specific gravity using a Micromeritics Multivolume Helium Pycnometer. Magnetics Our independent laboratory uses Micromeritics magnetic analyzer to measure for the % magnetics (free iron) in samples of grains and powders.


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